3 piece canister set with blue gray glazes



This stoneware canister set measurements:

The largest is 10 1/2″ tall to the top of lid handle and 7 1/2″ diameter at the greatest. The opening is 5 3/4″.
The middle one is 8 1/2″ tall and 6 1/4″ diameter. The opening is 5″.
The smallest one is 7 1/2″ tall and 5 1/4″ diameter. The opening is 4 1/4″.

These were made on the wheel and glazed with a light, blue gray glaze. There is also a very thin tan glaze on top that has given the final glaze coat a touch of random tan speckling especially down towards the bottoms. This glaze “breaks” nicely around the rims showing the brown clay beneath. The insides are glazed tan. The lids all fit very good.

The glazes are food safe.

This set was made in 2021.