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last of the mug club mugs

March 2012

Finally finished the mugs for Cooper’s restaurant mug club.   They now have them hanging up over the bar.

I made quite a few face mugs because it was fun playing around with expressions, although, several ended up looking mad.

I also enjoyed trying out different textures on the mugs.  Especially on the face mugs.  A rough face with lots of character seemed to be more interesting than a smooth face.


face mug    mug club    Love mugs


mug club    mug club    mug club



pics of mugs for mug clug

Feb, 2012

About half of the second order of 50 mugs are finished for the mug club at Cooper’s restaurant.  Here’s a few of them.


face mugs      mugs      mugs

face mugs                  face mug                 face mug





more mugs

Jan, 2012

Cooper’s Restaurant wants 50 more mugs for their mug club.  That will be 100 total.  It’s been a challenge because they want them all unique…very unique.  So I’ve been playing around with designs, textures and glazes.  I’ve even embedded small stones and copper wire in some.  They are all numbered on the bottom.  Here’s a few waiting to be fired.






Cauble Creek Vineyard – covered muscadine jar

Nov, 2011

Cauble Creek Vineyard will be having an Artist Invitational with around 20 local artists.  It will be held on November 4th through November 20th with a reception on the 6th.  Their website is  I dug up about 100lbs of yellow clay from around their pond, crushed it, slaked it, pugged it, wedged it, threw it, trimmed it, carved it(for 3 days) and then fired it.  That’s it below.


pottery muscadine jar

Covered jar, 17″ h x 16″ w,  for Cauble Creek Vineyard Artist Invitational November 4 – 20 with reception on Sunday the 6th from 3-6 pm.



This was also made using mostly clay from Cauble Creek.

Bottle, 21″h x 7″w, for Cauble Creek Vineyard Artist Invitational.