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last of the mug club mugs

March 2012

Finally finished the mugs for Cooper’s restaurant mug club.   They now have them hanging up over the bar.

I made quite a few face mugs because it was fun playing around with expressions, although, several ended up looking mad.

I also enjoyed trying out different textures on the mugs.  Especially on the face mugs.  A rough face with lots of character seemed to be more interesting than a smooth face.


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mug club    mug club    mug club



Cooper’s mug club

Oct, 2011

Cooper’s restaurant here in Salisbury recently asked me to make 50 different mugs for their mug club.

I made a few face mugs, flower mugs, textured mugs, bumpy mugs, striped mugs, glazed mugs and a fish mug and an egret mug.