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December, 2017

I tend to put glazing off since it’s not my favorite thing about making pots.  I have bisque pots all around the studio…some from years ago.  Here’s a few that I’ll glaze for the holiday sale.



Back in the saddle again

November, 2016

Good to be back in the studio throwing, glazing and firing.  It was difficult trying to work in the carport.  Too much wind and rain blowing and drying the pots uneven.  There is still a lot of debris left lying around from demolition and construction but it can wait.


img_7151    img_7079    img_6895      img_7161


Studio is done

October, 2016

The new studio is finally done and I’ve moved all my stuff out of the carport and back into the studio.  When the tree fell on the old studio and the building was demolished, the new studio was built on the old foundation so the building is the same size but it sure does seems larger.  I did paint the walls white, whereas in the old studio the walls were unpainted grey block and also, the new studio is taller and has more windows so I suppose this all makes it seem larger.   Maybe, one day, I’ll paint the ceiling but for now I just want to make pots.


studio   studio right   studio left   studio front

Almost time

October 11

I’ll be able to move my junk into the new studio in a couple of days..  Just in time too, the carport is getting a little chilly in the mornings.

img_6634   img_6647


September 26, 2016

It was decided that the entire studio should be demolished since the walls were leaning by 3 – 4 inches.  The new blocks are all laid and the roof construction should begin soon.  It’s been an ordeal but my insurance has been great.  Here’s some images of the demolition and new block wall going back up and my temporary studio in the carport.  At least it’s a good time of the year for this to happen.


img_6589    img_6594    img_6618    img_6622




Tree smashed studio

July, 2016

Good thing I wasn’t working at the time.  This huge oak tree behind my studio split and a big chunk of it fell on my studio during a storm.  It’s difficult to see my studio under the debris but it’s there.  A few pots that I was working on broke but all the equipment is fine.

IMG_6486    IMG_6484    IMG_6482    IMG_6465

Still more canisters

March 2016

I’ve been spending most of my working days making sets of canisters and/or some type of jars with lids.  I’m enjoying making them so I’ll stick with it.  I hope to begin offering more glaze choices with canister sets.


IMG_4197 IMG_4150 IMG_4061

Rounded and straight canisters

Dec 2,2015

So, I’ve fired those rounded and straight canisters from my last post and I plan on making more.  The rounded canisters work great with my glazes.  The straight canisters are working good too but, right now, I prefer the rounded ones.  The lids on these canisters fit on the insides rather than sitting on top.

rounded canisters   canister set   straight canisters   rounded canisters

Canister shapes

October 6, 2015

I’ve been working on some different canister shapes.   These have the lids fitting on the insides.  I’ll glaze and fire these soon and hopefully make lots more if I still like them once fired.  I’ve been making shapes like this for years just never in graduated sets.


canisters   canisters   canisters

Lidded jar

August 24, 2015


Every now and then I pull out a nice one.   This lidded jar has 3 layers of different glazes.  It’s challenging to get the right combination and thickness without causing problems with the glaze coat.  I’ve been working with these glazes for several years and about a year ago stumbled upon this combination.

I’ve sent this one to NC Pottery Center for their Annual Gala and Auction on September 26 in Raleigh.

IMG_1453 (1024x768)


This lidded jar measures 11 1/4″ tall to the top of handle and 10″ diameter.